Material Guide

Knowledge of Material at

A.  Uph (upholstery) Material

 Leather option:

1. PU Leather

2. Italian Leather, Aniline Leather

3. Composite Leather (only for Malaysia made furniture)


Fabric option:

1. Wool Fabric

2. Linen Fabric




3. Nylon Fabric

 4. Lewisco Fabric option: (only for Malaysia made furniture)


B. Wood Series

i. Solid Wood

ii. Veneer (layer type)

iii. Lamination HPL (Maica)


i. Solid Wood

1. Ash Wood

Example : elbow chair, kennedy chair,


2. Beech Wood

Example: wishbone chair, Eames chair leg

3. American Oak (majority WOODOT series)

Example: Xinfu drawer

4. Rubber Wood 

Production at Malaysia: Custom made color


ii. Veneer Series

1. Ash Wood Veneer

Example: Standard chair, Standard barstool, Eames Molded coffee table, Cherner dining table

2. Walnut Veneer

Example: Eames Lcw/ Dcw, Eames Molded coffee table, Shell chair, Cherner dining table


c. Wood Finishing Options

Applicable for Ash wood and Rubber wood Furniture

i. Natural wood color (color 01)

ii. Brown color / walnut color (color 02)

iii. Dark Brown color/ Dark walnut color (color 03)

iv. Black color (color 04)


C. Plastic Series

we have PP, ABS and PC material

1. Polypropylene (PP) - soften compare to ABS, matt furnishing

2. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)- impact resistance and toughness, stability under load is excellent with limited loads, glossy finishing

3. Polycarbonates (PC)- very strong, tough materials and can be optically transparent. 

Plastic color available at Moredesign


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